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What Are The Benefits Of Being A Member Of ‘Plumbers Success International’?

One of the trades represented in SGI’s business best practices membership organization is PSI. Plumbers Success International is specifically designed to assist plumbers succeed in their businesses. It offers a proven system, effective tools, and industry-related training to members to increase sales and maximize profits. 
PSI can help any plumbing business become more successful, both for those just starting out and for those already finding success where they are at. This is because skilled tradespeople and real plumbing business owners with real experience are sharing their knowledge about the industry and their own success stories with PSI members. 
Don’t know where to find the best employees? PSI can help. Wondering what it takes to turn your one-truck shop into a three-truck? PSI can help. Need financial metrics to help you decide where to trim the fat and determine pricing that guarantees you profit on every job? You guessed it, PSI can help.
Members of PSI enjoy plenty of resources and benefits that help develop, grow, and expand their plumbing businesses. Coaches with real experience in the plumbing world are ready to answer any questions and offer tips for PSI members. Their real-world experience is what helps current business owners thrive in their own markets. Besides business coaching, PSI offers a wealth of online and classroom training options, business management and operations tools, marketing solutions, and unbeatable group buying power that includes discounts and rebates with vendors you already use due to the size of our membership. 

What are the benefits of PSI?

PSI offers dozens of benefits to its members. Members can choose to use a few or all of the tools and resources to their disposal. Of course, the more pieces a company implements into their business, the greater chance they have at success. 
Ultimately, PSI helps business owners work on their business rather than in their business by setting them up to grow and eventually get out of their trucks. Here are just a few of the benefits members can enjoy when they sign up for PSI:

  • Access to specialty coaches
  • Turnkey advertising solutions and marketing materials
  • Tips on truck setup and inventory tracking solutions
  • Comprehensive operations manual
  • Management tools including financial reports, checklists, software, and more
  • Tips for expansion and acquisitions
  • Guidance on how to hire, on-board, and retain good employees
  • Custom, Proprietary Pricing Systems
  • Discounts and rebates for suppliers and manufacturers
  • Bi-annual, complimentary members-only Expos packed with continued learning, new offering launches, training, and networking with the North America’s most successful group of contractors
  • Exit plan strategies when the time comes
  • And MUCH More…

With the tools and training PSI provides, business owners can experience the freedom and security they have been looking for in their business journey. The effectiveness and efficiency more than 900 contractors have benefited from already in their businesses is a testimony to the process SGI has built. Tailoring their process to fit the unique needs and situations of plumbers is what sets this plumbing association apart from others out there.

How do I join?

PSI allows a small percentage of active plumbing contractors in the program at any given time. It also limits the number of members in a specific region. Because of this exclusivity, business owners are ensured that the market won’t become saturated with other companies implementing the same success strategies. This exclusivity also means those thinking of joining shouldn’t delay in their decision. By the time they go to enroll, there may no longer be available spots in their areas. 
Think your market is already too competitive? Think again. PSI’s proven strategy is what sets our partners apart from the rest.
Although PSI began 20 years ago, spots do open every once in a while for new members. Some markets still have yet to benefit from a PSI member, so you could be the first in your area! For more information on joining as a member, visit the PSI membership page. 

Final Thoughts

The investment into PSI is not one to take lightly. PSI does provide some of the best resources to assist plumbing businesses succeed, but it is up to the individual owner to implement these proven practices to fully benefit from the program. If you are seriously looking into trade organizations for plumbers, you won’t find a better program out there than PSI. 
We have plumbing businesses within our organization which have been benefiting from the tips, discounts, and education that PSI provides—not just for a month or two, but for 20 years! Business owners using our management, marketing, training, buying power, and network connections are already making more money than they could have imagined in their plumbing businesses. Will you be one of them?

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