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Become an Advocate for a Great Cause: Generate Business & Impact People’s Lives at the Same Time

As the owner of a small business, what you do on a daily basis impacts the lives of many people.  Your company provides a living for your employees and their families.  The services they provide impact your customers and their families.  But have you ever considered how you could leave an impact on even more people?

There are so many great causes out there today that are helping people.  There are groups doing cancer research, supporting veterans, helping homeless children, and more.  You could play a part in helping one of these groups change the lives of people who desperately need it the most.

How?  Simple.  Take $10 from every service call and $100 from every replacement and donate it to a particular charity that you’re fond of… Feel free to tell your customers that their money isn’t just going in your pocket; it’s helping others too!

Maybe you have a changeable sign in front of your building.  Announce your charitable efforts on the sign.  If you’re uncomfortable advertising it so publically, simply put a message supporting the charity on the sign.  At the very least, you’ll spread awareness of the charity.  At best, you might get business from it!
Don’t have a changeable sign?  Don’t worry!  You could have large magnets made up for your service vehicles announcing your campaign and supporting the charity.  Put the magnets on the back of your trucks and vans.  People sitting in traffic will be looking at your charitable efforts all day as your vehicle drives around town.

There are other ways to support a charity… When you plan your next direct mail piece or e-mail newsletter (you do have one or the other don’t you?) include a message about your support for a local, regional, or national organization. Show your customers that you care about important social issues and that you are willing to back up your words with active participation.

Theses gestures are not only the right thing to do to keep and attract new customers, they are the right thing to do – period.

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