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Beating the Seasons

Does your business have seasonal ups and downs? Are you dependent on the weather to stay busy?  If you are a retailer, you have the excuse of waiting for the holiday season to make a decent profit.  In fact, the day after Thanksgiving is often called “Black Friday” since it is the day that retailers finally get their business in the black thanks to the crowds of shoppers that turn out looking for deals on that day.
But let’s say you are in the heating and cooling business.  Obviously, you need heat to sell air conditioners and cold to sell furnaces.  Or do you?  Why not take a different approach to seasonal selling?  Go against the norm.
Why not sell air conditioners in October and furnaces in March?  The novelty alone could sell the products. But novelty may not be enough motivation so be prepared to offer your customer an extra incentive – a deeper-than-normal discount.
Plus, you could add one more incentive; offer a warranty that doesn’t begin until one year after the installation (or simply tack on an extra year). Yes, during the first year the equipment is warranted, but call it a “pre-warranty” period (or something like that).
If you don’t think it can be done, think again.  John Young wrote a letter that helped contractors in northern markets sell over a billion dollars in air conditioners during the winter months.  In fact, contractors are still using that letter today as members of AirTime.
But even if you’re not in HVAC, you can find ways to go against the norm.  If you have a slow day of the week, then why not offer your clients a discount if they book a service call on that day?
Be different – and keep busy.

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