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Are you the Pistons or the Lakers?

Take a look at your company. Is your company a combination of a few “superstars” or is your company a “total team.” Sure, it’s great to have superstars on your team, but sometimes a group of individuals that come together as a team can topple even the most gifted superstars.
A great example I always love to point to was the NBA finals in 2004, which pitted the Detroit Pistons against the Los Angeles Lakers. On paper, the Lakers were dominant. They sported names like Shaq and Kobe. Even someone who had never seen basketball had heard their names before.
The Pistons, on the other hand, didn’t have these dominating names. They, however, had something much stronger…a sense of “teamwork”.
The Lakers played the series on the backs of their superstars. The Pistons, however, played total teamwork basketball. They got contributions from all five of their starting players and anyone that came off the bench. Everyone contributed.
They had different “heroes” that pulled together and contributed to the overall series victory.
Now, look at your staff. Do you have the kind of team that pulls together to contribute to a total team victory, or do you have a few superstars that carry the weight?
Defining a successful business starts with defining what roles your team’s players will fulfill. As the owner or manager, you must know when to utilize the strengths of everyone on your team. Skillfully working together in a total team effort can be the difference between a successful year and watching your competition “win the championship.”
Study your organizational chart so you know what roles your team members will play, build teamwork in your company through training, and continue building a successful contracting dynasty.

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