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Are you on target?

Are your marketing efforts a shotgun blast that covers your marketplace in the hope that you hit something, or do you send out precise, guided marketing pieces that you know will always land on target?
Successful contractors don’t just become successful by blindly shooting marketing arrows all over the landscape – thinking that one or two may hit the bull’s-eye. Sure, you are bound to hit something if you shoot enough arrows. But, in the meantime, think about everything you’re wasting. You’re wasting your time in shooting the wrong arrows and you’re wasting your valuable arrows! Not to mention that the ones that do wind up hitting the target may not be hitting the best targets.
The true profit-maker is a person who knows which arrows to shoot and where to shoot them. They know when to shoot each arrow, and they can predict the results they’ll receive. How is this possible? They track their results.
If you don’t know which arrow works, how can you select the right targets? Tracking your marketing and advertising campaigns is a solid and proven way to choose the best one for your business.
Start tracking your success and make sure you end up on target !

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