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An Easy Way to Motivate Your Techs & Improve Their Performance

I was on a road trip recently with the family.  After several hours of driving, we all agreed it was time to stop, stretch our legs, and grab something to eat.  We pulled off the highway and rolled into one of the more common fast food restaurants.  After getting our food, we all sat down and ate.  That’s when I noticed a young man who was mopping the floors of the restaurant…
This young man had to have been in his early 20’s.  What I noticed the most was his huge smile.  He made eye contact with everyone as he mopped past them.  He’d ask, “How are you doing today?”  And he genuinely seemed interested.  He’d make small talk and be on his way.  A few patrons even knew the young man.  I was really impressed by the young workers enthusiasm.
Don’t you wish your employees showed that type of enthusiasm for their jobs and passed that enthusiasm along to customers? I know that’s an issue with many plumbing contractors—they struggle to keep their guys motivated.
It’s not you have bad people working for you.  Often, it’s our job to find ways to motivate our team and get them engaged and excited.  A routine work schedule is the cause for less-than-enthusiastic work habits. You need to “shake things up” once in a while.
One good way to stir the spirits is to do something unusual – especially on a Monday, which is typically the most unenthusiastic work day of the week. Schedule a breakfast with your staff or a series of breakfasts if the staff is large. Invite them to enjoy some time away from their schedules to talk about what they did on the weekend and interact on a personal level with co-workers. Encourage everyone to participate. Even the shy people will eventually open up if they see others doing it.
Before everyone heads to their first job, give a short, inspirational message to fire everyone up.  Maybe share a great ‘thank you’ letter you received from a customer.  Get everyone on a great first few moments of the day.
Meetings like this produce adrenaline rushes that carry over into the rest of the day and the week. Your people will likely have a better attitude if you take the words “routine” or “mundane” out of their work week.

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