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8 Strategies to Building a Better, More Effective Website

You’ve probably heard this many times but it bears repeating. If you don’t have a good website, then you lose. It isn’t enough to have a dull, static, out-of-date website any more. Your website has to be refreshed and remodeled on a regular basis.
And how often do you visit your own website? Weekly? Monthly? Never? Do you honestly know what your website looks like?
Today it is as easy to get a professional website as it is to get a Yellow Pages’ salesperson to sell you an ad. Speaking of the Yellow Pages, telephone books are now using online advertising to link up to advertiser’s websites. So there is another good reason to have an updated website.
One word of advice – don’t become an ‘add-on’ to a manufacturer’s website. Unless you enjoy playing second fiddle, you need to separate your own brand name from that of the manufacturer who sells you his boxes and ‘allows’ you to add your name to the website.

Here are some tips to employ

  1. Have a polished, professional logo at the top left corner of every page of your site. Your number should also be prominently located near the top, too.
  2. Be easy to navigate. Look at your site as if you’ve never been there before. Is it easy and logical to find information? If not, make some changes.
  3. Stop with the clutter. Don’t overload your site with too many images. “White space is a good thing.” The most important thing is to have clear calls of action.
  4. Be brief. Clearly outline everything you do on your site; however, otherwise don’t be too wordy! Short and sweet is best!
    Hire a professional photographer. Have pictures of you and your team on the site. Avoid using stock photography that people know isn’t real.
  5. Be easy to read. Say NO to the crazy fonts and the super large type! Remember, people use their phones to search the web, and large fonts don’t translate.
  6. Dump flash. The dispute between Adobe and Apples makes Flash worthless.
  7. Request more Information. Your ”request more information” page should only require two or three pieces of information. Name. Address. Phone number. Email. That’s it!

There are many other helpful tips to building a site, but these 8 should provide a good start! Good luck!

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