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Who is SGI?

Home of the successful contractor™

Success Group International™ was founded in 1999 with a clear mission: To positively impact the lives of independent contractors through our proven business model, proprietary tools & systems, and expert training & coaching. At least, that’s the formal explanation of who we are. Ask us what we really are, and we’ll boil it down a bit: We’re in the business of helping contractors achieve their dreams, whatever they may be. It’s why we’re the Home of the Successful Contractor.

Whether you’re looking to get out of debt or you’re looking to add $500,000 to your bottom line, we can help. We help contractors like you every day—and we have for the last 20 years.
Rebecca Cassel, Managing Partner/Owner SGI
The Story of Rebecca & Lon

Among SGI’s first employees were Rebecca and Lon Cassel. They helped launch and nurture each of our four affinity groups: AirTime Success International™ (ASI), Electricians’ Success International™ (ESI), Plumbers’ Success International™ (PSI), and Roofers’ Success International™ (RSI). In 2014, Rebecca and Lon formed Aquila Investment Group and purchased SGI, making us the largest member-owned “best practices” group in the contracting industry.

SGI is member-owned because Rebecca and Lon are members—they own Cassel Home Comfort in Champaign, Illinois. Among their partners in Aquila are several SGI members and employees—some of whom own and operate some of the most successful contracting companies in North America. All our owners have incredible success stories, and all give thanks to SGI as a critical part in becoming who they are today.


The SGI Membership

The “secret sauce” of SGI extends beyond our model and tools—those are just some of the ingredients. We’re unique thanks to our members. Come to an Expo and be welcomed with open arms. Contractors you’ve just met will invite you into their businesses to see what makes them successful. Have a tough business question? They’ll urge you to call them—anytime, of course. We’re all here to help—SGI and our members. Let’s get better together. Let’s achieve more together.

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Time-Tested System with Personal Support

Business feels complicated, SGI makes it simple. We can give you a fresh start, or we can help you squeeze every ounce of potential from something already profitable. Whatever you need—SGI can provide it. It’s why we’re the Home of the Successful Contractor™. Learn more about our model, systems, and training that have helped transform contracting companies across North America for the last 20 years.


If you’re a hardworking, self-starting, empathetic, and forward-thinking individual eager to make a real difference, we want to talk to you about building a rewarding career at SGI.

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